A continuación hacemos nuesta humilde aportación en este campo de la didáctica ofreciendo unos recursos que deseamos sean  útiles para todos los que deseen   utilizarlos y profundizar en este campo. Leer más

Fostering Our Students´ Writing Skills Through Reading

A great number of students usually voice that their least favorite skill is writing because they find it hard to generate ideas and organize them into a coherent text, or when they hit on an idea, they cannot translate it into actual words. No doubt writing is a painstaking job for our students because the skills involved in this process are highly complex: L2 writers have to struggle with the higher level cognitive skills of planning and organization as well as lower level skills such as spelling, word choice, punctuation, and so on when they must pen to write. Leer más

Task-based Learning

Hi, and very welcome. In this section, we will be talking about Task-Based Learning and its implications in the classroom. For more information on this topic you can visit the sites included in the bibliography; there you will find good articles and web pages related to teaching matters that will help you improve and update your knowledge and complement the ideas exposed here. This time we would like to start with a very interesting and controversial topic: Task-based Learning. and its effects in teaching and learning processes. The rise of TBL has led to a variety of different interpretations of what exactly constitutes a "task" (e.g. Willis, 1996; Long, 1985; Breen, 1987). However, what all these proposals have in common is that they see 'tasks' as being the main element in a language program,  and accept the view that curricula should be learner-centered, as well the need to engage learners in communicative syllabus . Leer más

Didáctica LLEE

http://www.mflresources.org.uk/ Está página es interesantísima, es una de mis favoritas. No sólo es buena para español, sino también para otros idiomas. Aquí encontrarás fichas, dibujos para enseñar vocabulario, juegos y sobre todo PPP sobre diferentes temas, los cuales puedes adaptar según tus necesidades. Aquí están algunos de ellos, con sus autores y las fechas en los que los colgaron. Leer más